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Veterinarian Testimonials

Here’s what local Veterinarians say about Invisible Fence® by StayDog

Dr. Suzanne Michel, DVM–

Nonatum Veterinarian Hospital

“I have had 2 Invisible Fence® systems by StayDog and both times, the experience has been a very positive one. The installations went very quickly, training my dogs was easy and the follow-up service was prompt and courteous. There was support after the installation to answer all y questions, and having the battery plan ensures that the batteries are always fresh and working.

My dogs reliably stay in the fenced field and it gives me great peace of mind to know that the system works and will keep my dogs safe. I have also found the cat door to be very connvenient for my cats, especially when the weather is bad. Thank you for excellent products and service.

Dr. Bradley Gray, VMD–

Brandywine Veterinary Hospital

I have been an Invisible Fence® customer for about 10 years. I have been extremely satisfied with the product, the service, and the training that was provided for my 6 dogs. The system has kept my pets safe and happy in a 3 acre back yard for quite some time. They get plenty of exercise and they get to experience a great deal of freedom while I know that they are safe. I recommend Invisible Fence® to all the pet owners in my practice.

Dr. Molly Foley, VMD–

West Chester Animal Hospital

“I have lived in and practiced veterinary medicine in Chester County for 16 years.  When my husband and I moved into our first home 16 years ago we immediately purchased an Invisible Fence® system for our yard.  It was one of the best purchases I have ever made.  I have successfully trained and contained five dogs on this system.

I like the Invisible Fence® system because it is an alternative to regular fencing.  In my opinion it is a very viable option in areas where traditional fencing is not permitted or is not financially feasible.  Invisible Fence® is an unobtrusive way to fence a yard and control your dog with out a leash.  It is my opinion that Invisible Fence® is a proven effective containment system that is beneficial to both the owner and the dogs.”

Dr. Kimberley Knipe DVM-

Longwood Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Knipe’s Mobile Veterinary Service

“I strongly believe in the Invisible Fence® Brand System and have been using it for my own dogs for the past 6 1/2 years. It gives me piece of mind knowing that they are safe, yet they are allowed freedom to run and play as they wish. I also like the fact that it doesn’t detract from the natural beauty of my home.

Not only am I very satisfied with the product, but I was impressed by Invisible Fence® by StayDog’s commitment to service. When it was time for mu puppy’s “correction”, they were happy to return to my house and help me to administer it. I routinely recommend Invisible Fence® by Staydog because I have been very happy with the system and I know that my clients will too.”

Melissa Lynch CVT-

Applebrook Veterinary Clinic

i my name is Melissa, I am a veterinary nurse at Applebrook Veterinary Clinic.  I have owned my Invisible Fence® now for two years and it is absolutely the best money I have ever spent.  I know when I let my two large Dobermans out that they are able to play safely in my yard.  No worries about angry neighbors or cars buzzing by.  I recommend Invisible Fence® to all our clients at Applebrook! I am truely 100 percent satisfied!

Debi Cheslock, Manager–

Applebrook Veterinary Clinic

've had the Invisible Fence® by Stay Dog since 2001 and couldn't imagine living without it !!!  It provides my dogs with freedom and exercise and gives me peace of mind knowing they'll always stay in my yard.  My boxer puppy has been trained on it since he was 5 months old and enjoys running around the yard with our older dog.  The installation and service provided is great. The training and support provided by Debbie Rock and the Stay Dog team is wonderful.  There's always someone available to help if you need it.  I've been working in the veterinary field  for 17 years and would highly recommend the Invisible Fence® by Stay Dog  to everyone.

Heidi Kennedy CVT-

Nonantum Veterinary Clinic

I have been a very satisfied Stay Dog Invisible Fence® Client for 10 years.  Having used other containment systems in the past, unsuccessfully, I have found them to provide a very reliable worry free system with OUTSTANDING customer service. I would strongly recommend Stay Dog Invisible Fence® to anyone considering a pet containment system.