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Diana Snyder - West Chester, PA

Invisible Fence testimonialI would like to take a moment and share my appreciation for the individuals who were involved in the installation of an invisible fence at our home. The wait time was not out of the ordinary, and though I think the collars are rather expensive, I wanted you to know that I was most impressed with the staff. Deb Rock was my first contact with Invisible Fence. She was extremely competent in answering all my questions and listening to my wants and needs. I never felt like I was being pushed into something I did not want. She gave me the necessary information, allowed me time to think it over, and was there when I had any questions/concerns. Deb is fun and honest and even offered to speak with my electrician to ease my mind prior to the installation. The young men who actually installed the fence were kind and very good at what they did. I appreciated the fact that they did not take affront to my electrician being here; they all worked well together resulting in a smooth installation. The young girl who trained the first day, I believe her name was Jess, (she was substituting for Mary) was sweet and very approachable. She answered my questions and demonstrated what I needed to begin doing with the dogs. Mary was great each time she came. She was pleasant and efficient and yet took the time to explain the nervousness of the dogs, ways I might better be able to help them leave the porch, and further allayed my concerns. She was gentle with the dogs and allowed for their fears which I very much appreciated. She too was approachable, knew her job, and like Deb, was fun and eager to make it work for all involved, especially my dogs. All in all the experience was positive. The dogs are beginning to go into the middle of the yard versus standing on the porch. Though they no longer dig under our original fence line (a means of escaping) they have chosen rather to dig holes in the middle of the yard. Hopefully, this behavior will cease but there are no guarantees! The team that came to my home was competent, fun, and most gracious. I appreciate all that they did to assure a successful outcome. It is my humble opinion that Stay Dog is lucky with this team of individuals representing the company. Thank you. Diana A. Snyder

Jacky Rakowski - Collegeville, PA

"When we were in the process of buying our new house we would only look at houses with big fenced-in back yards for the dogs. Well of course we fell in love with a house that had a great back yard but no fence. We kept talking about putting up a fence since I didn't think an invisible fence was an option since we had small dogs and one of them being deaf. Then I talked to Kelly from Stay Dog about Invisible Fence and how it could work for us. The preconceived notions I had about these fences were not accurate ideas. I thought you just put the fence in, put the collars on the dogs and let them out to figure it out. Well that is not the case at all. After the fence gets installed the training team comes out to explain to you how it works and they start working with your dog(s) to teach them the boundaries. They actually come out several more times with in the first few weeks to work with you and your pets. I was really concerned for my deaf dog since he wouldn't be able to hear the warning beep and would possibly get scared and run through and get undue corrections, but the girls took their time with him and gave him special attention to make sure he understood what was happening. That was 3 years ago. There are many times which we are forgetful and let them out without their collars and we feel confident they will not go anywhere. The deaf dog is doing great with it and learned quickly with the great team that helped him out in the beginning. I would recommend this product in conjunction with this company to anyone since they are very caring and knowledgeable about the fence and how to work with your pets' needs. A huge thanks to Kelly and her team at Stay Dog for all you have done for us with the Invisible Fence we LOVE it!

-The Rakowski Family from Collegeville, Pa with Flick the Jack Russell and Villain the deaf French Bulldog."

Karen Arbaugh - Kennett Square, PA

Invisible Fence testimonial

"To whom this may concern, I Karen Arbaugh am a long time customer of Invisible Fence® by StayDog. I first became a customer in 2001 after my Boston Terrier left my property and was missing for more than 2 days. I was elated to recover him and immediately started calling companies to put in an invisible containment system.

From the initial interest of the containment system, Invisible Fence® by StayDog was not only the first to respond to my request, but they were also more professional and responsive than any other company I had contacted.

Deb Rock was out to visit and measure my yard within 48 hours and gave me a complete and accurate estimate, along with a fast instillation timeframe. The instillation of the equipment was done esthetically and tailored to our needs. Deb even arranged a profession dog trainer to assist in making the transition for our beloved pet quick and easy. We have since added other Bostons, who also adapted well to the new system.

I have had the system of 8 years and have yet to need a service call. I can personally give my recommendation to Invisible Fence® and StayDog and would use no other company or containment product if I were to ever move from this home."

Invisible Fence testimonial


Susan McCoy - Kennett Square, PA

Invisible Fence testimonial"We are a family of animal lovers and want our dogs to have all the freedom they can have - in our own yard. We have had an Invisible Fence® by StayDog for 10 years and love it! It allows our dogs to run in our backyard, chase deer and squirrels and have an all round good time - within boundaries they respect and don't "dig" through or jump over. Our sales rep Debby Rock helped us adjust our collars to fit the dogs.

Our first dog, Chance, was a Chow Golden Retriever mix and had quite a high tolerance level for the fence. She helped us figure out just the right setting to get his attention. We got him a playmate, Lucy, an English Staffordshire Terrier, and she took to the boundaries of the fence immediately.

Debby also recommended we put a unit in the house to solve the problem of our dogs going under the table during formal dinner parties. It works beautifully. We have been very pleased with both our Invisible Fence® and our customer service and support. Thank you for making us all happy and safe."

Sandy Ventura - Garnet Valley, PA


I would like to share my experience with your company Invisible Fence® by Stay Dog.

I would first like to start by explaining what bought me to requesting your services. I had a dog fence installed by a company called Pet Safe several years ago. Since then this company has went out of business and was taken over by a company called Pet Stop. I was having trouble with my system and called them for service. I was told it would be $95.00 for the service call and then $95.00 per hour for any time spent repairing the system.

I decided to use their services because I was concerned for the safety of my dog. When the serviceman came to my home he spent less than a half hour here and said that all the problem was, is that we needed to replace the battery in our dog's collar. So bottom line we spent $95.00 for a battery. Even after this we come to find that the fence was still not functioning properly so I called them back again. They still said it would be another $95.00 for them to come back out. As reluctant as I was to pay this again I felt that maybe this time they would stay until the problem was resolved and my money would be money well spent. To make a long story short, this time the service man spent over 3 hrs at my house repaired about 4 breaks in the wire, another $188.00, and the fence still is not working.

Their answer to that was for another $300.00 they could swap out your whole system for a new one. By this time I was so upset so I went online to start searching for some kind of resolution and that is when I came across StayDog. I emailed them and told them my nightmare of a story and their response was unbelievable!! They told me they would come out FREE OF CHARGE to take a look at my fence. At first I could not believe this because of all I had been through with Pet Stop. When the Invisible Fence® by StayDog representative, Kelly, came to my home she was so nice and made me feel like my issue was important and she took the time to listen to my concerns. She checked out my whole system and replaced it with a new system and now everything is working great.

There are no words to express the relief that I felt that I finally had a resolution to my problem and was not going to have to spend any more money. StayDog has definitely bought back my Trust in repair companies and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a pet that they love and want to keep safe. They have the highest respect for the customer and are very professional. Thanks again Kelly and everyone at StayDog for helping me and my dog

Sandy Ventura
1678 Maher Blvd.
Garnet Valley, Pa. 19060

Peggy Taglione - Glen Mills, PA

Three months ago I had my electric fence installed. I have two dogs, a Cavalier King Charles Spanielwho is twoand a Shorkie who is almost one. We had debated and researched the fence for over a year. Finally we chosethe Invisible Fence® by StayDog.After our fence was installed, Mary Docherty came out to help train our dogs. She explained everything she did with them and made sure we understood how to continue the training on our own. Mary was great with the dogs! They trusted her and followed her lead. When Mary left, she let us know we could call if we had questions or problems.

After a few weeks, I was feeling a little uncomfortable. One of our dogs was very shy and afraid to go out...didn't want to be zapped. The other would run around but had gone through the fence to chase a biker and another dog so I felt like I was back to step one. I called Mary and she immediately came out to help. She checked the collars to make sure the "zap" was the appropriate level for each dog. She adjusted their collars and showed me how they should fit. Next she gave me ideas on how to make the shy dog feel more comfortable and ways to keep both of the dogs from chasing after bikers, animals etc.

Well it worked. I am so thankful to Mary for training my dogs and helping me with them. They are both comfortable going out in the yard and will just watch as bikers, dogs, kids or whatever goes by. Mary is an excellent dog trainer and I feel very fortunate to have had her help. Hopefully there will be no other problems with my dogs and the electric fence, but I know Mary is there if I ever need her.

Peggy Taglione

Brian House - Kelly - Malvern, PA

Dear Folks at Stay Dog,

Our fence was installed, this past Friday and I have to say that I am very impressed with your entire operation. From the web form I filled out to schedule a visit all the way through to the final installation all within a 5 day time period. I'm sure I'm not the first in saying that Deb is a great saleswoman!! We really appreciated her opinions of the vets in the area. Our previous Vet for our cat was in Eagle and a bit of a drive.

Our rescued puppy Lucky came just hours after your installation crew finished up and we look forward to training as soon as he gets a little older.


Lori Goodman - Wynnewood, PA

I was a new, 1st time dog owner when i first met Mary. Her magnetic
personality with dogs & humans made me feel very comfortable from the moment
we (my dog, Lucy, & me) met. Her response to my phone calls and and home
visits were immediate. Mary was a pleasure to work with, answering my every question ( which were many) with patience, detail & encouragement. I still call her today!

Have a great day!
Lori Goodman

Gilya & Len Freedman - Merion Station, PA

Dear Mary,

We are extremely happy with our Invisible Fence®. Charlie has a lot more freedom to run around and we no longer worry about him tunneling under a fence or running away. We were so happy with your personalized training and continued follow ups!

Everyone is a lot happier!

Thank you so much!

All the best,
Gilya & Len Freedman

Beth Staab - Lansdale, PA

"We got just what we wanted with our Invisible Fence® from Stay Dog. Within a week of my first call, it was fully installed and our 2-year-old dog was trained by their knowledgeable staff.

We wanted our dog to be safe in our front and back yards -- the thought of him getting hit by a car was just too much for us. Now hestays in the yard while my kids play and ride their bikes.

I HIGHLY recommend the high quality service and product from Stay Dog."

Beth Staab
Lansdale, PA

Betty Young- Elkins Park, PA

We recently purchased our Invisible Fence® when we acquired a second standard poodle pup. Prior to Emma's arrival we had used a cable with lead attached for "outs" for our older dog, Alba. The Invisible Fence® went in easily and the training we received was made easy through Mary. Our dogs adjusted nicely and are outside a lot more, playing and active while we do yard work.

Thank you and Invisible Fence® for all your help! It was a wonderful experience!

Betty Young
Elkins Park

Amy Bascaini - Avondale, PA

"We purchased Dog Guard Pet Fencing five years ago. Since then I have not been very happy. The person who had our area charged us way more than I think was necessary. He lived almost an hour away so it would sometimes take days for him to get here. Most importantly both collars broke on my dogs, simply because they lay on our driveway a lot. The collars were not sturdy and had no guarantee. Which meant I paid for it to be fixed. I will no longer be using them. Kelly from Invisible Fence® by StayDog came out within 24hrs of my phone call replaced our equipment with lifetime warranty equipment by Invisible Fence® and we haven't had a problem since!"

Alison Tweedie - Wynnewood, PA

Mary was great at following up with us when we looked into installing our Invisible Fence® by StayDog. We looked into completing the fence we had already (our backyard was fenced but didn't continue around the side and front) but we soon realized this was out of our price range. Invisible Fence® was a great solution--being an affordable and dependable way to give boundaries to our two dogs. Mary also worked with us to get the fence we wanted for our dogs within the parameters of our budget and our yard. It only took 3 days to train our two dogs to stay away from the flags. They now know their new boundaries and we are happy to say they are happy hanging in the yard. We don't have to worry that they wander over to the neighbors garden! Now when a dog walks by they stay at the top of the hill near the porch and let out a few barks to say "this is my house and yard" and then they let all walk by. I don't have to worry and my dogs are happy to have the freedom to be outside in their space. Thanks. ---Alison Tweedie

Jane Blake - Spring City, PA

This was my first experience of invisible pet fencing, since in the UK where I am from everyone has fenced, walled or hedged gardens! I asked around friends who had dogs which companies that they had used and got some different quotes. In the end I chose Stay Dog Family Pet Solutions ….Why? From my initial meeting with the sales lady, Mary, at the property to the 2nd training session after installation, I knew that although not on paper the lesser dollar value on quotes, I had chosen the best deal. I am a great believer in the quotation "You get what you pay for", and my experience with Stay Dog Family Pet Solutions has only served to reinforce that belief Mary was both polite and informative at our initial meeting, explaining the packages on offer etc, and has continued to be supportive when needed ever since. Installation day must have been the wettest of the year …...the poor chap who installed the system got soaked! Yet despite the fact that he must have been cold and wet he took time after installing the system to explain how I should train our 2 dogs. Everything was explained perfectly but if I had any queries after his departure I was left in no doubt that the team were there to offer help and support if I needed it. In fact training was simple….our retriever was spooked by the fence immediately, and wouldn't go within 10ft of the flags! The Labrador was not so wise, and got shocked a couple of times. Both dogs broke through the system once or twice initially, when following one of the family, which was initially a concern.

I immediately contacted Stay Dog Family Pet Solutions …and they came out the very next day, tweaked the frequency on their collars , did a further training session with the 2 dogs, and trained me how to use the indoor transmitter. We have not looked back since. I have absolute confidence in the system and our dogs could not be more content with their freedom to play in the back yard...and I, selfishly, have to admit I have LOVED being able to open the door and let "the girls" go out unsupervised on the bitterly cold mornings!! It is a win-win situation all round….a new customer for Stay Dog Pet Solutions, a satisfied consumer, in me, and 2 happy dogs!!! Thanks!

Nan Hicks - Wayne, PA

Invisible Fence testimonial

"Hi Deb - I can't begin to tell you how the Invisible Fence® has expanded the world of Dennis & Missy. I've enclosed two pictures - one is of Missy at the door saying "Are you kidding? We can go outside?!", the other is of Dennis & Missy working on their tans!"


Mrs. Pamela Caplan - Wyndmoor, PA

"Dear Folks at Invisible Fence® by StayDog,

Thank you so much for all your help! We had purchased an underground fence kit from a local pet store and were having problems getting it to function properly. I called Invisible Fence® for some advise and they sent someone out to our house within two days to help me troubleshoot a fence that they didn't even install and wasn't their product. I have not seensucha kind gesture in many, many years. The service man went above and beyond my expectation and I could not thank him enough for getting my system up and working. If I had to do it over again, I would not even attempt to install a do-it-yourself kit, and I would call Invisible Fence® right away. I was so impressed with the company and the people who work there. I will certainly be referringall my friends to you!

Thank You again"

Stacey Cummings - Glen Mills, PA

"I am writing to express my gratitude to all the folks at Invisible Fence® by Staydog for delivering on all of their promises and then some. I had an Invisible Fence® installed in November for a German Shepherd I adopted in October and I couldn't be happier with the results ever since. However, in addition to the terrific product you delivered,I was incredibly impressed withthe people with whom I dealt, from the first person who promptly called me after I completed the online information form, to Deb Rock, who came out and measured my yard, offered suggestions and answered all my questions, to the man who installed the fence and did the first training session with my dog (in what was probably the most miserable, cold downpour in November!) However, Invisible Fence® even went beyond that: my son is deaf and has a cochlear implant whichallows him to hear.I mentioned this to the initial intake person and, that same day, a representative from Invisible Fence® actually contacted the cochlear implant manufacturer to confirm that the frequencyemitted from the fence would not interfere withthe frequency at which my son's cochlear implant operates.

Regarding the product itself, it has worked exactly as it should. Initially, I was reluctant to use any type of underground fence since I thought it might not be effective for larger, stronger, hairier dogs like my German Sheppard. Additionally, when I adopted her, she had a broken leg and I knew she had an incredibly high pain threshold. None of that mattered. She learned from that very first lesson to avoid the flags and then the beep and once she received her training shock (it was actually already hard to get her to go close to the line even that early on) she has never gone close to it again. However, don't be mistaken by thinking I just have a subdued dog. In fact, she is FIERCELY protective, particularly when a strange man approaches, yet, even in that situation, she will wait (barking maniacally) inside her fence.

Mrs. Pamela Caplan - Wyndmoor, PA

"Dear Folks at Invisible Fence® by StayDog,

Thank you so much for all your help! We had purchased an underground fence kit from a local pet store and were having problems getting it to function properly. I called Invisible Fence® for some advise and they sent someone out to our house within two days to help me troubleshoot a fence that they didn't even install and wasn't their product. I have not seensucha kind gesture in many, many years. The service man went above and beyond my expectation and I could not thank him enough for getting my system up and working. If I had to do it over again, I would not even attempt to install a do-it-yourself kit, and I would call Invisible Fence® right away. I was so impressed with the company and the people who work there. I will certainly be referringall my friends to you!

Eva Tucker - Downingtown, PA

"Oh my gosh we love our Invisible Fence® by StayDog!!! Lucy couldn't be happier! She has now learned how to open the back porch door to let herself in! It truly has added to the quality of all of our lives!! All three dogs have adapted so well. We have just started training them on the inside unit to keep them off the stairs, and no more gates, no more scat just a few hours!

You made it so easy!!

MJ Scholl - West Chester, PA

"I have no problem praising Invisible Fence®. Coco is very bright and caught on quickly. She definitely respects the edges of her property, which is very large. I have also had flags reinstalled at my Sister's property so that Coco can go there when we are away. Her outline is very much smaller, but she seems to grasp that too. Our Sales Rep. was great, even offered to watch Coco if we needed. Her name is Cindy Mailtand, and she did a great job. In Fact, everyone we dealt with were professional and prompt and good with Coco Chanel. We had one guy test her with the flags. All is very good, and I know I.F.C. will stand behind their products."