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Shields® Avoidance Solutions

Help them stay out of trouble the easy way.

Shields® Avoidance Solutions

Whether you want to stop counter surfing, garden digging, or trash tipping, Shields Avoidance Solutions are a quick, easy solution for indoor and outdoor trouble spots. Wireless and discreet, these use the same Computer Collar® unit as our yard systems to safely keep pets out of:

  • Closets
  • Furniture
  • Gardens, sheds, and pools
  • Bedrooms
  • Trash cans
  • Almost any other place you want to keep your pet away from

Shields indoor solutions

Indoor Solutions

For indoor problem behaviors, we offer Shields units to protect specific areas and Micro Shields units for specific items (such as a trash can or chair). At only 3 inches wide, these systems hide discreetly out of sight.


Shields outdoor solutions

Outdoor Solutions

For outdoor problems spots, we offer Shields and Shields Plus units depending on the size of the problem areas. Both systems stay discreetly out of view.


P.E.T. Approach Method

P.E.T. Approach Method

All Shields Avoidance Solutions come with our P.E.T. Approach method, the key to our industry-leading success rate.

  • Personalization – Customized to fit your home and pet perfectly
  • Expertise – Passionate professionals for installation, technology, and customer care
  • Training – Systematic 4-step approach, developed with the industry’s top behavioral experts

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