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Invisible Fence® Brand Solutions

For over 40 years, Invisible Fence® Brand has been keeping dogs safely contained to their yards.

Invisible Fence Brand combines advanced technology, professional installation and personalized training to keep your dog safely contained while promoting exercise and play. All Invisible Fence Brand dogs are trained using our Safe Dog training protocols. Your dog can run, jump and play - free to be a dog - and you can rest easy knowing your family's safe.

Invisible Fence

Our Indoor Solutions

Create avoidance zones any-where you choose inside your home, protecting anything from a single piece of furniture to small and large rooms.

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This pet lover is a specialist in knowing your dog and what he needs to be safe. He is certified using our renowned Safe Dog and Perfect Start Pet Training methods , which combines play and praise with effective behavior modification techniques. Your dog will learn to safely and happily stay in safe areas you designate.

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With this knowledge, StayDog customizes the Invisible Fence Brand solution to meet the specific needs of your pet and family while maintaining the beauty and integrity of your landscaping and property. In just five easy steps, you can rest assured knowing your entire family is safe with the brand that offers the most experienced proven protection and total peace of mind.

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There are other imitation pet containment systems, but there is only one Invisible Fence Brand. No other system can match the quality and dependability of the world's most trusted name in pet safety.

In-Home Behavior Training

For over a quarter of a Century, we've been keeping dogs across the Philadelphia suburbs safe at home with Invisible Fence Brand. We now invite you to have an even richer and more rewarding life with your pet with our newest StayDog Family Pet Specialist Service, In-Home Behavior Training.

Behavior Products Solutions

Help your dog to be on his very best behavior with two highly effective, easy-to-use solutions: our Bark Control and Remote Training Systems.

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