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The name long known and trusted by pet owners to keep their dogs safe is highly effective for cats too. Invisible Fence® Brand worked closely with veterinarians and animal behaviorists to create the perfect cat protection system.


The Invisible Fence Brand Outdoor Solutions are wonderful for allowing cats to enjoy outside activity without allowing them to roam off their property. It also allows the pet parent to define where their cat may go in the outside environment. They can be kept away from bird feeds, tree lines, roads and neighboring dogs and cats. This type of "controlled freedom" allows cats to be cats - enjoying the outdoors while protecting wildlife and themselves from danger.

Cat Yard Fence


The Invisible Fence Brand Shields® Solutions can effectively train cats to avoid certain areas, rooms, items or even other pets. You can define cat-free zones, whether you want to keep them out of the nursery or off the dinner table and kitchen counters. This provides a perfect alternative to declawing.

Cat Fence


As a behavior modifier for cats Invisible Fence Brand Solutions are a great supportive tool. Our Shields® Avoidance solutions can be used to keep dominant cats from preventing the more passive felines from having full access to food and litter boxes. Also in a dog and cat shared home these solutions can be used to keep your dog from messing with the cat's food or litter areas. Invisible Fence Brand can bring new and improved harmony within and between the species. It allows all the furry family members to enjoy the house while reducing the tension and enforcing boundary rules that keep everyone safe and happy.

Invisible Fence for Cats
Invisible Fence for Cats

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