tips for traveling with dog

Travel Safely With Your Dog

With the holidays coming up, many people will be loading their families into the car for drives to see friends and family. If your family features a pup, you’ll want to bring them along with you on your travels. Keep everyone safe and sound during long car rides with these safety tips for traveling with a pet.

Turn off the power windows. Dogs can open your car windows with ease if they’re unlocked. This might seem harmless, but overexcited dogs have been known to accidentally step out of the window or cause the window to shut around their heads. Avoid these problems altogether by keeping your automatic windows locked.

Invest in a car fence. Dog car fences provide you and your dog the ability to ride safely no matter where you’re going. The soft mesh material keeps your dog comfortable and allows the fence to sit in the seat of any vehicle. It’s also adjustable so that you can fit dogs big and small. When you’re not traveling with your dog, the fence serves as a great place to store bags, purses, and other loose items you may be towing.

Take a break. Traveling with a dog is like traveling with a child. They can get bored just as easily, so taking a break every two to three hours is important. Doing so gives your dog a chance to stretch their legs, get some fresh air, and of course, take a bathroom break. This also gives you a chance to breathe, especially if your driving for a long period of time!

Pack plenty of food and water. Like humans, dogs need food and drink every few hours. If you plan to be in the car for more than four hours, pack snacks, food, and bottled water to give to your dog throughout the course of your journey.

Bring an invisible fence along. Perhaps you’ve heard of having an invisible fence installed around your property, but you may not have known that there’s a portable option available! The Invisible Fence® brand offers a Vacation Kit that’s easily packed to bring along anywhere. The kit includes a transmitter, 500 feet of wire, 75 feet of twisted wire, a burial splice kit, lightning protection, 100 flags, and instructions that make the fence easy to install no matter where you’re headed. Pack this fencing system up as you’re traveling so you know your pup is safe wherever you are.

Traveling with your pet can tend to be a pain from time to time but look no further than StayDog to help reduce that hassle! Whether you’re traveling cross-county, cross-state, or cross-country, travel safely with these tips from Stay Dog.