picnicking with your dog

Tips For Picnicking With Your Dog

There's nothing better than a leisurely afternoon picnic in the summer sun. Dining al fresco seems to always make food taste better, so grab your favorite blanket, picnic basket, and dog leash! Stay Dog invites you to picnic with your dog with these tips and tricks.

Incorporate a long walk. Nothing works up an appetite like a long walk. Plan a route that roughly equates to 1-2 miles. This distance will help your dog burn excess energy so that when you reach your picnic destination, they’re ready to relax and eat. Plus, walking back will help aide with digestion.

Examine the picnic area. Prior to settling in, give the area you’re going to picnic in a once-over. Keep an eye out for any trash, including the remnants of picnicker’s past. Leftovers like bones and plastic wrap can pose serious health hazards to your furry friend.  Keep them protected by cleaning up before you settle down.

Serve the proper food. While sharing your sandwiches or other summer delicacies with your dog, too much human food can cause intestinal problems for your dog and ultimately ruin their fun in the sun. Pack their usual food and plenty of treats to keep their appetite at bay. If you're feeding your dog a raw or homemade diet, keep the food fresh in an insulated cooler.

Bring the right supplies. In addition to food for you and Fido, you'll need the right tools to tether your dog while you're relaxing. Bring an extra leash to loop around the leg of a picnic table or tree. The extra length will give your dog enough freedom to explore while the table or tree provides them with shade to relax beneath. In addition, pack a few of your dog’s favorite toys and cooler with plenty of bottled water to refill their bowl with throughout the day.

Layer on the sunscreen. Believe it or not, your dog can get sunburn, too! Invest in dog-safe sunscreen, available in spray or wipe form. This dog-specific formula helps protect them from UV rays and prevent skin cancer. Pack plenty of sunscreen for you and your dog so you can enjoy hours of sunshine without the harmful burn.

Make sure tags are up to date. If your dog escapes your picnic area, having tags with the proper information are vital! In case of an emergency, make sure your dog’s tags have the right name, address, phone number, and vaccination information.

July is National Picnic Month! Get out and enjoy some safe fun in the sun with these tips and tricks.