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How To Stop Your Dog From Digging In Your Garden

Spring has sprung, and if you're like the millions of homeowners who have worked extra hard on their gardens this year, you know how frustrating it can be when your pup digs up your bulbs! Before you give up on your rose bushes, it is important to understand why your dog might be digging. Once you figure out their need to dig, you can take the right action steps to stop them from ruining your garden.

Your dog may just be hot and trying to keep cool. Temperatures can rise into the 70s and even 80s in the spring time, which can cause your dog to overheat. Like other animals, a dog will cover themselves in dirt in an attempt to keep cool. To prevent this problem, monitor the amount of time your dog spends outdoors. Encourage your pet to take advantage of the shady areas of your yard by installing a dog house under a tree or heavily shaded section of the yard. Keep a bowl of cold water out for them to enjoy at their leisure and of course, when you notice your dog becoming fatigued from the heat, let them inside to cool off.

They're bored.  In most cases, your pup is bored and wants to be played with. To deter them from digging, play games with your dog on a daily basis. Go for walks, do training exercises, or keep toys at the ready. Chew toys can keep your dog entertained for hours on end, particularly the kind you can fill with treats, like our Busy Buddy. The more your dog chews at their toys, the less time they’ll spend digging in your garden!

They want to hide their treasure. Sometimes dogs dig to hide their bones, toys, or other treasures they may have found. To deter them from digging up your flowers, designate a safe spot for your dog to dig. This can be done by sectioning off a corner of your yard with soil or sand, then training your dog that that's the place to do their digging, gently praising them for digging there. Sand is ideal, as it's easy to fill in once your dog has moved on to digging in another section of the patch.

Your pup just won't listen. When no other solution seems to work, Invisible Fence Garden Saver is a quick and easy way to keep your dog away from outdoor trouble spots. They are wireless, discreet, and most importantly, safe for your pet. Each avoidance solution is custom fit to meet the needs of your garden and installed by one of our professionals. Additionally, we provide training so that your dog understands the areas of the yard they're not to enter.

Maintain a beautiful garden this spring by keeping your pup out! For more training tips, contact the professionals at StayDog today.

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