stop your dog from barking all the time

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking All The Time

Does your dog bark uncontrollably? There are a number of reasons they could be barking, whether they’re excited, anxious, or they simply want something from you. To prevent your dog from barking when you don’t want them to, it’s important to first figure out what it is your dog is barking at. Then, use one of these six techniques to prevent your dog from barking:

1. Remove the motivator. If your dog is barking because they’re hungry, you may need to adjust their feeding schedule so that they don’t get so hungry they start to bark. If your dog barks at the passing neighbors or other dogs in the neighborhood, they could feel threatened by them and you may need to monitor your dog while they’re outdoors. If possible, prevent your dog from coming into contact with whatever it is that’s making them bark.

2. Ignore the bark. The more you pay your dog mind when they’re barking, the more you convince them that they’re exhibiting a positive behavior. Do your best to completely ignore your dog when they’re barking and you don’t want them to. This means no touching, talking, or even looking. For example, if your dog barks when you put them in a crate, ignore them. Whenever they stop barking, give your dog praise. Over time, your dog will start to realize that being silent is a positive behavior.

3. Desensitize. There are certain things your dog will bark at that are just a part of life – like other dogs. As such, your dog will need to become accustomed to them. Gradually introduce your dog to the things that make them bark, whether that’s other people, other dogs, or random things, like toys or articles of clothing. To do this, have whatever it is that causes them to bark at a distance. Move that person or thing closer to your dog slowly while rewarding them with pets, treats, or positive talk. Repeat this process until your dog feels familiar.

4. Keep your dog entertained. Your dog could be barking out of boredom! If they’re provided with regular attention, play, and exercise, your dog won’t have the energy to bark when they aren’t supposed to.

5. Teach the command. Just as you taught your dog to bark when you say “speak,” you can teach your dog to stop barking when you say “quiet.” All it takes is a bit of practice!

6. Use a bark collar. This collar gently corrects your dog when they bark. It includes 10 levels of self-adjusting, light-touch correction so you know that your dog is always comfortable. This collar is an excellent training tool for you and your. Use it to clarify dog when not to bark and eventually, they’ll adjust to not barking at certain things and no longer require the collar.

Remember – try not to yell at your dog. This will only encourage them to bark louder, as they can feel like you’re barking along with them. Maintain a positive, upbeat energy and be consistent when you’re training your dog not to bark and you’ll see success.

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