halloween costumes for dogs 2017

Halloween is almost here, which means plenty of time decorating your yard, shopping for candy, and preparing costumes for your dog, of course!

Halloween 2017 Costumes For Dogs

For years, dog owners have dressed their pups up in costume to celebrate the Halloween holiday, whether they were entered in a local competition or simply sitting outside to give away candy. Pet costume sales increase yearly, with pet owners spending upwards of $400 million on costumes in 2017. Regardless of whether you shop in store or create your own look at home, discover which doggie costumes are trending this year.

  • NFL. Football season is in full swing - dress your pup in your favorite team's colors to show your pride. You can find a variety of licensed team jerseys online specifically designed to fit your dog. If you run into a sizing issue, you can always make your own! Use an old jersey of your own or a t-shirt, felt, and hot glue from the craft store to create a custom-sized jersey for your dog.
  • Minion. These adorable yellow creatures are still a big hit with families across the globe. Include your dog into the family costume this year with an adorable minion outfit. Deck the kids and your dog out in yellow tops and overalls with G's glued to the backs. Don't forget their minion goggles before you head out to trick or treat.
  • Superhero. Coming home to their lovingly adorable faces after work or school can be the highlight of your day. If that's not a superpower, we don't know what is. Find a superhero costume that fits your dog's personality, whether they harness the power of the Hulk or they're dark and mysterious like Batman. Superhero costumes are easy to find in stores and online.
  • Star Wars. With The Last Jedi breaking through box office sales before it's even released, your dog will be the talk of the block in a Star Wars themed costume. Dress them up as a wookie, jedi, or one of your favorite classic characters, like R2D2 or C3PO. Shop online for ease or whip the sewing kit out to create your own custom look.
  • Cat. According to one consumer survey, we can expect to see a lot of dogs dressed up as their feline counterparts this Halloween! You can find elaborate cat costumes for your dog in stores, or simply make a head piece for your dog with an elastic band and felt. 

Dog Safe Halloween Treats

With so much candy around during this time of year, it can be hard to prevent your dog from getting into something they're not supposed to. These puppy-safe Halloween recipes are all treat, no tricks.

  • Pumpkin Fro Yo Bites. Fall means pumpkin-spice everything, even for your dog. Let your dog share in the Halloween fun with pumpkin flavored frozen yogurt bites. Combine plain frozen yogurt with pure canned pumpkin and water, then freeze until solid. These bite-size goodies are great for a pre-Trick-or-Treating snack.
  • Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Bones. These are great to have on hand throughout the fall season and ideal for handing out to neighborhood pups while the kids are trick or treating. Combine whole wheat flour, eggs, canned pumpkin, peanut butter, salt and cinnamon together. Roll out the dough, the use a bone-shaped cookie cutter to create bite-sized treats. Back at 350 for 40 minutes and you're set!

Enjoy the festivities with the whole family this fall with these dog-friendly Halloween costumes and treats.