are electric fences safe

There is a lot of controversy revolving around the use of invisible fences for pet containment and training. Some people view them as an inhumane way to quarantine a pet to a space, while others view them as one of the most effective ways to keep a pet safe from harm. StayDog wants to address this issue and the many myths associated so that you can make an informed decision regarding keeping your pet safe, happy, and healthy.

Myth:  The shock from the collar will cause my pet pain and/or discomfort.

The method of correction is completely customizable for each pet that we work with, and is based solely on the animal's personality, not their breed or size. The correction may be startling to your pet, but it will not harm them in any way. The startling sensation your pet feels is similar to when you walk across a carpet and then touch a metal doorknob. The sensation briefly alarms you, but doesn't harm you. The feeling is gone as quickly as it begins. With training from StayDog, your pet only needs to be corrected once or twice in order to develop their new habit, meaning they won't challenge the system and continue to startle themselves in the future. 

Myth:  The shock from the collar will make my pet aggressive.

The collar  delivers a mild irritant to deter your pet from doing something. It is not harmful to them, which makes it less likely that they will become aggressive during training. While each pet is unique, reports of pets becoming aggressive as a result of invisible fence training are few and far between. You may notice that your dog barks at strangers as they pass your yard; this is typical territorial behavior - something your dog would do with a regular fence.

Myth:  The fences aren't effective.

Training your dog with an invisible fence is as easy as training them to sit, stay, or heel. Through consistent guidance, firm warnings, and rewards, your pet will quickly learn where they are and are not allowed to be. This system makes it easy for pet owners to gently and efficiently train their pets to adopt new behaviors. In fact, we are so confident the StayDog system will work for your pet that it is backed by our money-back guaranteee.

Myth:  My pet will be afraid to go outside.

with any other method of training, it's important to reward your pet when they succeed in doing what you want. Once your pet experiences the first correction, they may associate that sensation with being anywhere outdoors. Our professionally certified Council of Professional Dog Trainers take a traditional approach to behavioral training, which allows your pet to quickly and safely learn their new boundaries. Unlike other pet containment companies who use a shock to train, we can ensure that your pet is happy using the full yard while still safe and effectively contained. With regular training every day, as well as rewards for their positive behavior, your pet will discover the true limits of their boundaries and slowly become more comfortable with their new designated territory.

Myth:  It's too expensive.

Any kind of electronic device is an expense, but we try to keep our prices fair. We offer free estimates so you can see if this option is right for you and your pet!

The negative myths associated with invisible fences developed from the misuse of the product. With proper education and training, an invisible fence could save you a lot of time and money. It's important to properly train your pet (and yourself!) to get the most out of an invisible fence.

Still on the fence? Reach out to the helpful staff at StayDog today. We're happy to talk more with you about our line of the Invisible Fence Brand, as well as how our pet containment and training solutions can work for you.