do invisible fences hurt my dog

Do Invisible Fences Hurt My Dog?

From the healthiest food to the best toys, your dog deserves the best. This includes a safe yard to play and grow in! Far too many dangers present themselves when your dog leaves your property. In the United States alone, more than 1 million dogs are hit by cars each year. Without a proper containment system in place, your dog is free to roam the streets and sidewalks of your neighborhood and instantly at risk of coming into contact with a less-friendly dog, being taken by a stranger without being returned, or in the worst cases, hit by a vehicle. Invisible Fences offer you and your pet the safety and convenience of containment without any harm to your dog.

There is a lot of speculation revolving around Invisible Fences. Many pet owners think that this containment option causes pain and suffering to their pet, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The electric charge emitted from an invisible fence collar is likened to having water splashed on your face. The collar quickly surprises your pet just enough to stop their movement - not enough to cause them pain or damage their skin. While Invisible Fence collars are electrical collars, their maximum electrical output is less than 100 milliamps. That's a mere 2% of the frequency required to cause an electrical burn (5 Amps). In other words, these collars don't generate an electrical charge strong enough to create a thermal burn on your dog's skin.

Just because a collar uses electricity doesn't mean that it will cause harm to your pet. Injury can occur with the use of any collar, whether it's irritation or inflammation to the skin from constant rubbing or problems with vascular flow due to a collar being fitted too tightly. To avoid these issues, it's important to check your dog's collar on a daily basis. If you notice a change in your dog's skin, discuss it with your vet as soon as possible.

Invisible Fence collars are designed to irritate as opposed to harm your dog when they step outside of their boundary. If you were to hold the collar in your hand and step over the boundary, you would feel an irritating sensation, not one that is painful or shocking. For additional comfort, each invisible fence collar comes with an adjustable setting so that you can set the warning at a level that's appropriate for your pet.

Pros of an Invisible Fence

  • Budget Friendly. Having an Invisible Fence installed will cost significantly less than buying the materials and having a traditional fence installed. Additionally, many neighborhoods have strict rules about the height, style and type of fences that can be installed - Invisible Fences can't be seen, making it easy to comply with the rules.
  • Flexible. Invisible Fences are flexible for you and your pet! Your yard can remain open without a fence deterring you from seeing the woods or neighborhood that surround your home. Plus, Invisible Fences can be installed with ease on what would otherwise be deemed as difficult terrain for a traditional fence to be installed on. This is especially nice for homeowners with hilly or wooded backyards.
  • Effective. Unlike traditional fencing options, which dogs can dig under, jump over, or find other ways around, Invisible Fences offer you additional reassurance that your dog is staying within the confines of your yard. Additionally, Invisible Fences can help solve behavioral problems your dog may exhibit like digging or eating mulch and flowers, relieving themselves where they aren’t supposed to, or staying out of designated areas like gardens or pools.

Invisible Fences do not hurt your dog! To gain a better understanding of Invisible Fences, talk with one of our certified trainers today. Discover how an Invisible Fence can provide you and your pet with a healthier, happier life.